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20/12/2016 How to perform author searches with Publish or Perish. Anne-Wil Harzing - Tue 20 Dec 2016 16:30 (updated Sun 16 May 2021 12:09) ... Note: Although you can search for all authors, the free Scopus search only returns the first author in the results. Web of Science: 1.

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16/03/2021 Author Search. The Author Search screen has 51,159 authors currently part of its database including recently held but unpublished conferences, but may also be the same author using alternative initials such as D. Button and D.T. Button.. The Author Search screen present all search results which match the search term, spanning additional pages which can be navigated at the bottom of the page.

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22/02/2021 But in general: Make sure you are searching using an author search box (author 'field') not a topic search box. Make sure you enter the author's name in the correct format. For example in Web of Science use Smith J*. For names with punctuation you may need to search with and without the punctuation, for example O'Brien P* OR OBrien P*.

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31/05/2022 Step 1: Install and Activate the SearchWP Plugin. First, youll need to get your own copy of SearchWP. The next step is to install the plugin on your site. To get started, log in to your SearchWP account and click on the Downloads tab. To download the plugin, click on the Download SearchWP button.

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author:peter adamczuk. Our search tokenizer is going to take the input in its entirety (i.e. NO tokenization into peter and adamzuk) and will pass the input to a Python library. Since the search engine is written in Java, in reality the library will be executed by Jython - so we are calling Java which looks like Python, but as you can see, I ...

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12/01/2022 Go to Settings, then Relevanssi, then Indexing in your WordPress admin menu. Check the box for author in the Taxonomies section. Click Save the options and then Build the index. That's all you need to do. When you use the WordPress search, it will show any content written by authors stored in ...

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28/04/2022 Steps. 1. Search Web of Science by your name, Web of Science ResearcherID or ORCID unique identifier. Refine results as needed to obtain your specific publications. 2. You'll find the Citation Report tool available for any result set of 10,000 or fewer records. 3. Run Citation Report on all of your publications.

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21/05/2021 Author searching. If your topic focus is the articles of a specific author, you can narrow your search results by performing the following author-search strategy in Academic Search Complete: 1. Click open the index field menu adjacent to the first search box, find and select the AU (author) index code. 2.

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Author Webshop (Opens new window) Set via JS. Search by keyword, title, subject area. All Results 70800 Webpages 14520 Books 51787 Journals 2968 Connect 1525. Search results. 70800 results showing 1 to 10. Sorted by Relevance Care Planning and Professional Services ...

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By default, clicking on the export buttons will result in a download of the allowed maximum amount of items. To select a subset of the search results, click "Selective Export" button and make a selection of the items you want to export. The amount of items that can be exported at once is similarly restricted as the full export.

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05/08/2022 Title: Karl Barth - will return records that have a title beginning with Karl Barth Use a title search if you know the complete title of the work you are looking for.. The completeness and order of words matter in a title search. For example, a title search for Karl Barth will yield the result Karl Barth: A Theological Legacy but not Ecclesial Mediation in Karl Barth.

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Scopus Author Search Guide. Search Language . AUTHOR Search API supports a Boolean syntax, which is a type of search allowing users to combine keywords with operators such as AND, NOT and OR to further produce more relevant results. For example, a Boolean search could be "heart" AND "brain". This would limit the search results to only those documents containing the two keywords.

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The search engine might work at uncovering more information by exploring search results where the author's name is added to words (or tokens as they might be called) from the original query. So it might search for [Robert Example windows] or [Robert Example windows 7] or [robert Example Windows Mobile Phone 7] and so on.

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Select the References search type. Enter the authors name (starting with the last name) in the Author Name field. As you enter text, you can also select one of the suggestions that appear. Click the button. On the References page, you will see matching author names highlighted. If you search a last, first/middle name, matching results will ...

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The Author Details record lists the titles of catalog entries by or about the author. You can find the Author Details record in two ways: If you do an Author Search, click on the authors name on the results list. Click on the authors name in a Title Details record.

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Authors can also be organizations, institutions, governments, government bodies, or the names of symposia. Search limits are not available for Author searches. Boolean operators (and, or, not) do not function in Author (sorted by name) searches. Results are displayed in a Search Results List and may be browsed, forward and backward.

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05/02/2021 Click on the Author tab. Search by author information or ORCID ID. The results page provides the information in table. After selecting an author (by clicking in the checkbox next to the author name), options will appear in the section above the results. From there you can see: all documents by that author. view citation overview

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Twitter. When refining your social media search for a Twitter posters, note that you'll need to use the exact case-sensitive handle of the Twitter user. If there are authors with the same name across other social channels you can refine to only Twitter results by adding the URL link for Twitter to the search string.

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Next, click the authors name hyperlinked within search results: You can also enter the Law Journal Library, select Advanced Search and use the Author/Creator field to search for an author: Book Authors. Users can also search for book authors the one-box search. Enter the Authors name and select the Catalog option from the drop-down menu.

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The search results include all authors whose last names contain Watts and first name Stephen. The search results are listed in descending order by default. Click Edit to return to the Author search page to edit your search terms. Click Show exact matches only to limit the search results to the exact order the name is written.

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If you search for authors by institution, note that searching by affiliation profile ID and affiliaton name behave differently. Search by affiliation name, i.e. AFFIL(Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition)), finds all authors ever affiliated with the Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition, whereas search by affiliation profile ID, i.e. AF-ID(60105007), finds ...

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19/10/2017 How to perform author searches with Publish or Perish. Anne-Wil Harzing - Thu 19 Oct 2017 14:36 ... As the affiliation is linked to papers, not individuals, a combined author / affiliation search will report results even if it is one of the authors co-authors that has the requested affiliation.

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09/06/2022 This guide helps users to learn how to use the new and updated PubMed and show them what the new features are and where to find some of the old features. Introduction. Basic Search. Advanced Search. Search by MeSH. Search by Journal. Applying Filters. Working with Search Results. Other Useful Tools and Information.

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Searching for =author:smith, j will only return results where the first initial was used in place of the full spelled-out given name. This can be especially helpful when a given author often uses their middle initial. For example, compare the number of results for author Y. Wang: With those for author Y. S. Wang:

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26/07/2010 A Google search operator that allows a user to restrict the Google search results ( SERP) to include results to show pages only about the author you specify. This operator can also be used to restrict Google Groups search results to include newsgroup articles by the author you specify. The author name can be a full name, partial name or email ...

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28/07/2022 Scopus Author Identifier also helps you find authors who have been cited differently. When grouping author names under a unique author identifier number, Scopus takes into consideration last name variations, all possible combinations of first and last names, and the author name with and without initials. As a result, searches for a specific ...

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