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Take a closer look at OneAsset. Our global SaaS ERP solution enables you to manage complex assets and projects in competitive business environments, from development planning, land acquisition and construction, through to sales, project handover and ongoing management.

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Asset and Project Intensive. Enhance asset management and project delivery. Construction. ... Our SaaS ERP solution is a single instance of software delivered globally, with a mass production line of servers running thousands of customers organisations. ... If you choose to transition to the ...

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The power of imagination. Its time to reimagine a better experience for your customers, field workers and employees. Moving to an enterprise asset management solution opens endless opportunities enabling you to take a holistic approach to managing assets throughout their lifecycle from long-term planning, renewals and upgrades, through to maintenance and day-to-day work management.

ONE ASSET ERP SaaS for asset and project intensive organisations

A solution built for complex assets and projects A proven practice solution thats specifically designed for asset and project-intensive organisations to reduce implementation time, cost and risk. Intuitive, engaging software Provide intuitive, self-service access on any device, anywhere, at any time. Secure, reliable and scalable

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Global SaaS ERP Solution. Our evolutionary SaaS enterprise software ... Asset and Project Intensive. Enhance asset management and project delivery ... Ensure you are getting the most out of your TechnologyOne product suite with intensive training courses designed to give you the knowledge and ...

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Lnluas has extensive experience with asset- and project-intensive clients across all operational and strategic areas of the business. Financial processing and reporting Implementation of TechnologyOnes ERP starts with its core Financials, including General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Assets, Reporting and ...

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A fresh approach to scheduling using asset management software. Improve your work schedules for all types of projects and tasks. Create broad plans that include related projects. And with seamless enterprise suite integration, theres no need to use third-party project scheduling software.

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The purpose of this training is to provide the ability to complete configuration within TechnologyOne Strategic Asset Management. Register here. ... Global SaaS ERP Solution. Our evolutionary SaaS enterprise software. Security & Trust. ... Asset and Project Intensive. Enhance asset management ...

TechnologyOne - Global SaaS ERP Solution

Asset and Project Intensive. Managing over $300 billion worth of assets and infrastructure. Deliver faster, smarter field services for asset management and project delivery. Reduce costs, remove complexity and streamline processes with one integrated solution. Find out more.

Australian Longline: Enterprise SaaS Solution - TechnologyOne

Our enterprise SaaS solution has improved Australian Longline's communications between shore and land-based operations. Discover how here. ... Asset and Project Intensive. Enhance asset management and project delivery. ... News and media coverage on TechnologyOne. Resource hub.

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SAM also provides a convenient mechanism for revaluing assets using unit rates and adjusting remaining useful life using condition rather than age. This video walks through the components of SAM and how the solution comes together to give a detailed understanding of the health and anticipated treatments of assets. Duration: 29 minutes


Asset and Project Intensive. Enhance asset management and project delivery. Construction. Property. ... TechnologyOne; SaaS; Global SaaS ERP Solution; Software Releases; 2022A ; Powering simplicity. Unlock the potential of Ci Anywhere in your business. Reimagine your enterprise in Ci Anywhere ...

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TechnologyOne (ASX: TNE) is Australias largest enterprise software company and one of Australias top 150 ASX-listed companies, with locations across six countries. We provide a global SaaS ERP solution that transforms business and makes life simple for our customers. Our deeply integrated enterprise SaaS solution is available on any ...

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TechnologyOnes OneCorporate SaaS ERP solution provides the capabilities you need to increase financial transparency, simplify reporting, streamline processes and consolidate information. Improved reliability, availability and scalability for the asset and project intensive industry


18/04/2020 ASSET INTENSIVE AGENDA fi6 JULY RAND ATT, MEBORNE BREAK-OUT ... Product Owner, TechnologyOne Project Trident: Unitywaters journey to the cloud and transition to Ci Anywhere ... Peter Blackford, Product Owner, TechnologyOne Enterprise SaaS: Under the hood of our enterprise SaaS platform Daniel ...

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Global SaaS ERP Solution. Our evolutionary SaaS enterprise software. Security & Trust. ... Asset and Project Intensive. Enhance asset management and project delivery. Construction. ... News and media coverage on TechnologyOne. Resource hub.

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The solution includes TechnologyOnes Corporate Performance Management, Enterprise Content Management, Enterprise Asset Management, Financials, HR & Payroll, Stakeholder Management and Supply Chain Management products. TechnologyOne has provided us with a true enterprise SaaS solution that meets the needs of our business, Brecknell said.

Under the hood of our enterprise SaaS platform - TechnologyOne

Cloud solution design Cloud Transition Project WEEK 1-2 WEEK 3-4 WEEK 5-6 WEEK 7 WEEK 8. Cloud Service Platform Built using Ci Anywhere API Driven Automation Major software releases, delivered twice a year ... Existing SaaS customers of TechnologyOne are entitled to

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Asset and Project Intensive solutions; Unlocking the full potential from enterprise systems, EAM, and HRP; Consulting, configuration, and training. ... TechnologyOne SaaS ERP support, or data migration to the TechnologyOne Cloud, our world-class team of consultants is ready to get face to face ...

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We drive innovative business and digital transformation by providing thought leadership, process improvement, software implementation and support services to over 200 clients in local government, education, government, health and community services, asset and project-intensive enterprises, and corporates and financial services.

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To maximise the value of its TechnologyOne solution and ensure it is successful in its two major projects and beyond, ANI chose to adopt a prepaid AMS consulting program. S olution ANI has implemented TechnologyOnes Financials , Supply Chain Management , HR and Payroll , Enterprise Content Management and Corporate Performance Management and ...

TechnologyOne - Global SaaS ERP Solution

The TechnologyOne global SaaS ERP solution delivers the TechnologyOne enterprise suite as a service through the cloud to our customers. Toggle navigation Search Close ... clients, billing, employees and assets. Find out more. Local Government. Creating connected communities.

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The unique profile of SaaS creates new challenges for software asset managers. And according to the panels participants, SAM professionals need to evolve their approach accordingly to keep costs and risk in check. One of the most critical differences is that everything in SaaS has an expiration date, Tomeny says.

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TEAM Engineering Services was seeking an integrated enterprise system that would support its multiple award rates and structures, many resource types and complex resource assignment and job costings. The organisation was also seeking a scalable solution that would underpin planned business growth. "Our organisation was growing and the processing times and accuracy of our old systems were not ...

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Global SaaS ERP Solution. Our evolutionary SaaS enterprise software. Security & Trust. ... Asset and Project Intensive. Enhance asset management and project delivery. Construction. ... Get to know the TechnologyOne Board & Executive. [email protected]

Kate Shum - Product Owner - Student DXP - TechnologyOne | LinkedIn

Business Consultant - Education Solutions Technology One ... Director - SaaS Product and Platform at TechnologyOne Greater Brisbane Area. Ben P. Software Architect at TechnologyOne ... Principal Consultant|Enterprise Asset Management|Asset Intensive|Local Government at Technology One Ltd. ...

Phil Kotze - CEO & Managing Director - LinkedIn

Designed and developed a large-scale offline data solution (back-end, web services, front-end/UI, database schema, distributed processes) for the Field App (React Native on iOS/Android) to allow field users to work offline in areas with low/no connectivity Successfully uplifted existing solution to be able to support 1M+ Assets

Jack Wood - Head of Presales - COSOL Asia Pacific | LinkedIn

Solutions Manager/Presales Specialist with a background in asset-intensive industries and a strong passion for solving complex technical challenges. Experience delivering technical data migrations, system upgrades and business process improvement projects to help organisations realise the true value of their EAM/ERP investment.

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