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01/06/2022 Application Solution Structure. An XAF solution contains multiple projects. This topic describes these projects and supported platforms. The Solution Wizard allows you to create a solution for the following frameworks: Your solution may not include projects for all supported platforms. You can select platforms for the current solution in the ...

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The Application Model consists of nodes and their properties. Nodes can have child nodes; and they form the tree structure of the Application Model. This topic explains how the Application Model structure for a particular application is formed. The Application Models tree nodes are defined via interfaces.

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02/08/2022 Applications built with the eXpressApp Framework consist of multiple functional blocks. The diagram below: Shows the basic blocks. Indicates when and how these blocks are created. Shows you the areas where you can extend your applications. This topic overviews each application building block. Storage ORM Layer

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16/06/2022 Select DevExpress v22.1 XAF Template Gallery and click Next. Specify the project name (MySolution) and click Create. In the invoked Template Gallery, select XAF Solution Wizard (.NET Core) in the .NET Core section and click Run Wizard. The Solution Wizard opens. Select Web (ASP.NET Core Blazor) and click Next.

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With DevExpress eXpressApp Framework (XAF) you can create functional and highly responsive apps that meet the needs of your ever changing enterprise and target both Windows, the Web and Mobile.

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16/06/2022 Select DevExpress v 22.1 XAF Template Gallery for C# or Visual Basic and click Next. Specify the project name (MySolution) and click Create. In the invoked Template Gallery, select XAF Solution Wizard (.NET Framework) in the .NET Framework section and click Run Wizard. This will invoke the Solution Wizard. In the first screen of the wizard, choose the target platform(s).

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XAF is a general-purpose application framework designed for .NET developers with experience in line-of-business app development. Based on internal statistics, we know that development teams prefer XAF much more than one-person-shops. So, if you are part of an experienced team, you are likely to benefit most from XAF's capabilities.

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05/10/2018 EXpressApp Framework contains built-in support for MS Entity Framework and DevExpress eXpress Persistent Objects (XPO) ORMs and includes support for the most featured database engines. Besides, eXpress Application Framework provides opportunity to define the data model manually in code or with the help of visual scheme designer.

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19/08/2020 Once you create a new XAF ticket in the DevExpress Support Center and select XAF under the Platform/Product field, please review the following help links displayed above the Submit button. These links describe how you can collect callstacks, logs and other important diagnostic information for any .NET error.

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Our Web API backend service is powered by Swagger/OpenAPI and allows you to reuse XAF application data, logic, and modules within non-XAF apps. Our v22.1 release will include stability, performance, and documentation updates. In addition, we will support EF Core 5 for Web API Service (in previous versions, only XPO was supported).

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Technical support for DevExpress .NET App Security & Web API users is only included with the DevExpress Universal Subscription. The Solution Wizard scaffolds a Web API Service with integrated authorization & CRUD operations powered by EF Core and our XPO ORM library.

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Xafari Framework components for Devexpress General components General Components present a perfect set that extends XAF features. It has three purposes: Make UI ergonomic better Add new functions Boost performance Performance of above mentioned aims makes DevExpress XAF tools more attractive.

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23/05/2016 By default, the Model.Cache.xafml file is located in the application folder. You can change its path using one of the following methods: override the GetModelCacheFileLocationPath method in XafApplication descendant; use the ModelCacheLocation key in the configuration file (App.config).

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16/10/2020 Process: Activate the MySQL In-app opportunity in the Azure Portal Web App. Go to Settings > MySQL In-app and activate the feature by clicking the On button. Make changes to your XAF Web Application so that it uses the MySQL In-app opportunity instead of the default Missal. Comment the current config parameters in the web.config file.

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31/10/2011 I'm busy prototyping a training management app using the DevExpress eXpressApp framework & Domain Components. This paradigm uses interfaces to specify domain entities, with default implementation logic generated at runtime, so that I can effectively enjoy multiple inheritance in my business entities.

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DevExpress engineers feature-complete Presentation Controls, IDE Productivity Tools, Business Application Frameworks, and Reporting Systems for Visual Studio, Delphi, HTML5 or iOS & Android development. Whether using WPF, ASP.NET, WinForms, HTML5 or Windows 10, DevExpress tools help you build and deliver your best in the shortest time possible.

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21/05/2013 In Devexpress XAF applications have three main parts. Module, Module.Win.Control, Module.Win. Win.Control part include Module part and Win Part include Win.Control part. So Model.DesignedDiffs.xafml files have same behavior. If you change on module xafml, it affects other xafml files but you change win xafml file, it affects only itself.

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Documentation. Thanks for choosing DevExpress for your software development needs. We are your extended team and are working hard to make certain you have all the resources necessary to build your next great app. Should you have any questions or wish to provide feedback on our documentation, feel free to email us at [email protected] .

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20/06/2022 The Solution Wizard scaffolds an OData v4 Web API Service ( .NET 6) with integrated authorization & CRUD operations powered by EF Core 5 and our XPO ORM library. You can use OAuth2, JWT or custom strategies for authentication alongside tools like Postman or Swagger (OpenAPI) for API testing. The built-in security system also filters out secured ...


Files to look at:. ActionsInvokerViewController.cs (VB: ActionsInvokerViewController.vb); How to execute Actions in code Scenario. Normally, XAF Actions are executed only by end users using the interaction with UI elements (for instance, button clicks, navigation, or main menu selection).

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01/08/2012 01 August 2012 DevExpress provides a series of videos and help topics that describe the newly available UI First and Data Model First approaches to XAF development, as well as the existing Database First and Code First workflows. The videos and corresponding tutorials are organized according to data modeling method.

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16/10/2018 DevExpress TestCafe allows running tests in multiple browsers and on multiple machines in parallel. The product includes script injection that gives opportunity to communicate directly with the intercept user actions and webpage DOM. So eliminating out-of-process browser plug-ins, TestCafe puts control right in your hands. 6. XAF App Framework

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20/09/2011 It can be used to distribute the unbound columns to users, roles and even to other applications. In addition since ModelDifference supports both platforms it is possible to create calculated members without restarting the application or IIS. 3.WorldCreator extended members. This module maps the structure of the XPMemberInfo class to a ...

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This can be required for a multi-tenant application where you need to associate a user or company with their own database of the same structure. You can choose a required database and user during the login procedure. The created databases will have the same structure, but can have a different predefined data set. Implementation Steps

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24/03/2017 But I wonder what if one uses an ORM tool like DevExpress' XPO, a repository implementation would mostly consist of one-liner methods. Does it make sense to still create this abstraction level beside XPO? It depends on coding a technology-specific ignorant domain when it comes to persist and read your domain objects.

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14/10/2020 In this tutorial you will create a new application using the Express module, which provides an MVC framework for creating Node.js web applications. A screenshot of the completed application is below: Create a Cloud Service Project [!INCLUDE install-dev-tools] Perform the following steps to create a new cloud service project named 'expressapp':

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15/09/2016 0. When I add a member to my BOModel and write a simple expression like: [Name] +' ' + [Age] But in runtime I see something like this: ROP.Module.BusinessObjects.ROP.Product (4) That field just show me "OId" but not show related value! Note: that fields are simple textbox is OK, but that fields came from relation to other table are missing.

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We are proud to announce the immediate availability of DevExpress Universal v22.1, our award-winning software development platform for .NET and Visual Studio developers. With numerous new products and dozens of high-impact features, v22.1 allows you to build your best, without limits or compromise. From the desktop, the web or your mobile world ...